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Furnishings Hotel Rooms

The furnishings of hotel rooms are often what guests remember most. Not only must the furnishings of the hotel rooms be comfortable, also the ambience has to be pleasant in order for your guests to be happy to stay one or more nights in your hotel. That is why is it important that you pay proper care and attention to the furnishings of the hotel rooms.

Tumbroeck Hotelinrichting takes on the design of your hotel. Together with you we draft a plan in which we transfer the style and ambience of your hotel to a suitable and attractive design. We focus on each desired room of the hotel. For us it is not just about the fitting of furniture, we also focus on the daily styling through means of fresh flower bouquets, stylish flower arrangements, a special scent and luxurious bed linen.

On this website we are pleased to introduce you to Tumbroeck and our working method. Here you can read more about our vision on design, hospitality, ambience and creativity. We will be happy to arrange an appointment with you in order to discuss the possibilities for your hotel.

Wilt u meer informatie? Neem dan contact met ons op via e-mail: info@tumbroeck.com of per telefoon: 046 442 04 51 (Nederland) of 02 229 19 39 (Belgie).

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